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Singer / songwriter Julie Stirman is a native of Tennessee and holds a bachelor's degree in music from the University of Miami in Florida. Drawing on a wide range of American styles, Julie's songs combine jazz textures with the storytelling quality of bluegrass and country. Julie now lives and works in southeast London with her husband and songwriting partner Rob Aitken, an established session guitarist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Venues where Julie has performed include: The Pheasantry (London), The Oak Room (New York City), Carnegie Hall (NYC), The Juilliard School (NYC), The Metropolitan Room (NYC), The Oak Room (NYC), New York State Theatre Institute, The Forge (London), Shakespeare Festival of Dallas (Texas), and Lyric Stage (Texas).

Julie currently writes and records library music for film, TV and commercials, which has been placed with publishers across America and Europe. Last year, Julie’s lyrics for her song “Please Waste My Time” were featured in the September issue of American Songwriter magazine.

Julie recently founded the London Songwriters Collective, along with fellow songwriters Rob Aitken and Valeria Pozzo. 


One of the most incisive, truthful actresses with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. Her voice is big and warm and her heart matches it. When I needed an exceptional performer to put a regional premiere of “Jane Eyre” on, I insisted she be flown in to play the lead. Her work ethic, stage power, vocal prowess and acting truth were the gifts that gave us complete success. Any director would be fortunate to work with her.
— Candace Evans, Director (
An attractive young woman named Julie Stirman galvanized the audience and these critics with her emotionally charged rendition of William Finn’s “Sailing,” from A New Brain. A vibrant newcomer to New York’s musical theater scene, Stirman is one of those hundred people who just got off of the bus, and she looks like a keeper.
— The Siegel Column, TheatreMania, New York, NY
You could say there’s a little Merman in Stirman; she can belt and strut (and rock out, too), but it’s a warm sound. […] Julie also has a very down-to-earth way of chatting with the audience, with a touch of self-deprecation avoiding any self-aggrandizing or fake modesty. She should talk a little more; her comic timing is good.[…] She sounds involved, in touch, and I think she’s super. This is an impressive debut— Julie Stirman sparkles and shines.
— Rob Lester, Cabaret Exchange, New York, NY
Stirman possesses an attractive voice, which she had the opportunity to show off impressively with another Cheri Coons number, this one with music by Michael Duff, “Metropolitan Scat.” After modestly acknowledging that she’s neither a jazz vocalist nor an operatic diva, with Steven Ray Watkins at the piano and accompanied by Matt Wigton on bass and drummer Jerry Smith, Stirman used the Coons/Duff composition to shine rousingly in both genres.
— Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes, New York, NY
Julie Stirman leads director Candace Evans’ cast in the title role. A former Dallas star now living in New York, she returns with a voice that has grown in purity and reliability. She sails through the music like the bird Jane wants to be. She convincingly embodies the heroine’s moral strength, too
— Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News
Julie Stirman, a former local now based in New York, plays the title role and exhibits all the resilience and passion Jane needs. She overrides vulnerability, even when the show’s creators give her something to be uncharacteristically vulnerable about
— Mark Lowry, Ft. Worth Star Telegram